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Welcome to class two! Here we do lots of fun things. We do fun writing.


In PE we have lots of fun. We are very energetic. The teachers teach us lots of new moves to learn. We do Fit 4 Five each do where we have to do exercises for 5 minutes every day. We do PE on Mondays and Thursdays and at PE on Thursdays we are trained by Future Stars.


The teachers in our school are very nice and fun. They teach us lots of fun things every day. In class two, we are taught by Mrs Margea, Mrs Jones and Mrs Evans.

Exciting English

Now we are learning about Nurturing Nurses. We have learnt lots of new facts about doctors and nurses. We try hard to remember our presentation promise and make sure our work is the best it can be. Soon we will be learning about a story called The Egg. We will write lots of beautiful work in our English books.

Take Over Day

We do fun activities when its take-over day. I like the iPad activities when we study photography.

Come and visit our class!

By Finley and Lola.


You can see from the displays in our classrooms the variety of topics we cover. As the year progresses, the displays change. By July, you will be able to see the whole range of subjects we have covered. Our Working walls help us learn – the content builds as the term progresses.

Take a look at some of our work and sometimes us in the classroom. You are always welcome to come into school and take a closer look.

What a busy day class two have had. Firstly, we had a visit from warburtons who taught us all about food hygiene, food waste and healthy eating. Then we washed our hands and remembered to hold them as bakers do, making sure not to contaminate them. Then we had a fantastic PE lesson from Future Stars linked to balancing, movement and travelling. What a busy day!

Year 2 PE
Year two have been learning all about balancing in their PE lessons. We have used a variety of apparatus such as beams, hot spots, hoops and bean bags.

Class 2 baked gingerbread men in response to writing an alternative version of the traditional tale: The Gingerbread Man. They enjoyed eating the biscuits as they listened to each others stories.

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