Teachers – Miss Sambrook and Mrs Margea

Teaching Assistant – Mrs Nelmes

Term 5

How is it Term 5 already?! I have been so impressed with your attitude towards your learning and it really shows with the quality of your work… keep it up! This term we continue with our Curious Curriculum subject of The Ancient Egyptians – we will be using Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx during our writing lessons. It is a real book of adventure which carry us through to next term. We are extremely lucky to be starting swimming lessons this term and on top of this we have Mark from British Cycling teaching how to be safe on our bikes.



Term 4

Welcome to term 4 Dahl class. It has been a while since we have all been in the classroom together but you have come back to school as if we have never been away! You should all be extremely proud with how you coped with Lockdown take 2! This term during our curious curriculum we are going to be learning all about Ancient Egypt. We will be looking at The River Nile and finding out why it was so important to the Egyptians. During our English lessons we will be using the story The Egyptian Cinderella. I wonder how similar it is to our traditional tale of Cinderella.



Terms 2 and 3

This Term and next in year 3 we are going to be learning all about the Romans and the Romans invasions. We will be using different texts to aid our writing and in our curious curriculum lessons in the afternoons we will find out more about the Romans, why they were so powerful and how they invaded Britain. We will even look at Roman Numerals in our maths lesson!



Elf Day for Alzheimer’s

Ready, set, SNOW! We have unleashed our inner elf!! Coronavirus has cut people living with dementia off from their families, their communities and the networks they rely on. Today and this month, as restrictions tighten again, we are helping to raise money for many different charities and dressing as an elf is for the Alzheimer’s Society!

Today Year 3 wowed St Peter’s in their best Roman costumes. We had a fantastic day learning all about Roman Numerals and we even got to try some food that would have been eaten back in the day!

On Wednesday 16th December it was our Christmas dinner day. We were allowed to wear our Christmas jumpers in to celebrate the occasion! Even though we could not eat our dinner in the hall, our classroom was decorated and Christmas music was played! The dinner was delicious and we even had crackers. 

Term 1 – Stone Age Boy

This term, we will be travelling back million years to the Stone Age! We will be learning about how people of the Stone Age lived, how they kept themselves alive, how they lived and how they told stories to each other. We will also be learning about rocks and soils. We will be finding out about the different types of rocks there are and what makes them different, how soil is created and why it is important. We will also look at what fossils are, how they are formed and why they are important. Our challenge this term will be to create our own igneous rock that we can eat! As well as this, we will be using a picture book “The Stone Age Boy” to inspire our writing.