CALLING ALL PARENTS AND CARERS OF ST PETERS  Hi – did you know that all parents and carers with children attending St Peters at Pilning are automatically termed ‘Friends of the School’? That means you all are invited to get involved with fundraising for the school. Grandparents are welcome to get involved too.

You may have no interest in being on the small committee, but we’d love to hear from you if you could give an hour or two at some point during the year for one of our fundraising events. We have some parents, governors and pupils who regularly help out who aren’t on the committee (thanks everyone) and we can always do with more help, especially at the Christmas and summer fayres. We tailor the number of different stalls we can provide based on how many people we know up-front can help.

Over the years, these funds have paid for the climbing equipment, filming and computing equipment, provided musical support, annually subsidise every child attending class outings, pantomime provision and so on.

We’re really proud of what we have achieved and every single individual / organisation that has done something to help us along the way.


Did you know that the company you work for might have in place something called match-funding? This means that if you agree with them before a fundraising event you take part in, they could agree to match the funds (maybe up to a limit) that can personally be attributed to your efforts.

Please ask your employer about their charity policy to see if they can support us through your efforts to help increase our funds. If they can and you’d like to make use of their offer for the school’s benefit, then please contact one of the committee members or leave a message on Facebook to offer an hour or two of your time at some point.

It’s as simple as that!


If you have any item or service that you would be prepared to donate, to raise funds for the school through the various raffle events we hold, then we’d be very grateful if you could let us know so we could make use of your kind offer.

Thanks to all of those organisations via parents who already regularly make donations.


We have a Facebook page that you can leave a message on: Friends of St Peters School, letting us know how you can support us. If you see one of us at drop-off or pick-up, then you can let us know of your interest in helping that way too.

Money isn’t by any means the only thing that makes a difference to our school performing well, but it can help give our hardworking teachers access to new and different materials to help our children learn in their own individual way and be the very best that they can be.

The acts of the raising of that money also demonstrates to them the values that the school holds dear and which it strives to engender in every child.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Friends of St.Peter’s Committee Members

  • Jenny Ormond – Chair
  • Lucy Jones – Vice Chair
  • Dana Brunt – Secretary
  • Alison Coward – Treasurer
  • Rhys Buckley – Head Teacher
  • Katie Aubrey – Committee member
  • Emily Barker – Committee member
  • Tracey Benn – Committee member
  • Elise Bradley – Committee member
  • Ann Cole – Committee member
  • Charlotte Edwards – Committee member
  • Ella Fotheringham – Committee member
  • Rhiannon Jones – Committee member
  • Zoe Martin – Committee member
  • Jenny Onslow – Committee member
  • Ceri Roper – Committee member
  • Riz Rumfitt – Committee member
  • Jane Sealey – Committee member

Shop Online? Help us out…

Just a reminder that you can raise additional funds for the school when shopping online if you register with:


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