Can you get to the Hall of Fame?

All classes have a ‘behaviour ladder’ with children’s names on pegs.  Children can move their peg up or down the ladder (when told by teacher or teaching assistant) based on their behaviour reflecting our SMART golden rules (these are displayed in every class):






Children receive the following consequences based on reaching the various parts of the behaviour ladder:

Golden hall of fame* 3 further house points, send to head teacher for sticker and to put their ‘star’ photo on the ‘Golden Hall of Fame’ display board
Superstar student* 2 further house points
Shining role model* 1 house point
Ready to learn No consequence as this is the expected standard – often children will remain on this level and this is the expected standard


Stop & think In class consequence (e.g. moved in class, miss part of break etc.)
Time out Sent to partner class (all classes send to class above, class 6 to head/deputy) – possible further consequence (e.g. miss part of break)
Consequence Send to head teacher and phone call home– possible further consequence (e.g. miss part/whole of break)


*Positive consequences/rewards should be taken immediately (do not save up until end of session or day)

Everyday all children start afresh on ‘Ready to learn.

Hall of Fame Gallery