All children will regularly be given work to complete at home, as well as daily reading. The purposes of homework are:

  • Reinforce skills and understanding developed in school.
  • Encourage children to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Raise levels of achievement.
  • Develop good habits of self-discipline.
  • Involve parents in their child’s learning.
  • Keep parents informed of the work being done at school.

By taking an interest and encouraging your child, you will help him/her immediately.

What can parents do?

  • Try to establish a homework routine.
  • Make sure there is a quiet, suitable place to work.
  • Check the quality of work that your child is producing.
  • Talk through the tasks that have been set, and try to help with any problems.
  • Sign the piece of work to show that you have seen it.

The class teacher will be very happy to help with any problems that may arise.