Mathematics at St. Peter’s

The aims of the teaching of mathematics at St. Peter’s are:

  • To develop and encourage a positive attitude towards maths
  • To develop mathematical curiosity so that children are motivated to ask questions to enhance their understanding
  • To develop a strong understanding of number and calculation
  • To develop children’s ability to reason, problem solve and think logically
  • To develop children’s fluency in number facts
  • To enable children to apply their mathematical skills to everyday life situations

The curriculum

At St. Peter’s we follow the new National Curriculum for mathematics. We aim to deliver an inspiring and engaging mathematics curriculum, enabling the children to be numerate, creative, independent, inquisitive, and confident. A mastery approach to the National Curriculum ensures the children spend a sufficient length of time on each unit so that they are secure using and applying their new skills before moving on to tackle new concepts. With the exception of Year 1 and Year 6, all year groups wills be teaching the same units at similar times.


Our school uses a variety of teaching and learning styles in mathematics in order to create an engaging mathematics curriculum. The teaching of mathematics at St. Peters has links with Shanghai and Singaporean approaches to maths. Our children experience CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) approach in daily lessons. All new concepts are introduced using concrete resources so that children develop conceptual understanding. As this understanding develops, the children move to using pictorial representations and finally to the abstract (numbers and symbols). The children can access resources from their table’s ‘grab box’ whenever they feel it will benefit their understanding. Children use a wide range of images and resources to support their understanding, such as tens frames, number beads, number lines, Numicon, Dienes, place value counters.

Alongside developing children’s fluency in arithmetic skills, the new curriculum requires children to be able to reason mathematically. At St. Peter’s, we provide opportunities for children to apply their skills and understand to everyday contexts in every lesson. Children are encouraged to enquire and explore their understanding through investigations and open-ended problems. We encourage our children to talk mathematically as children are always asked to explain their answer.

Useful maths websites
A great website which has many interactive enjoyable computer-style games to help children learn and practise their number facts (e.g. times tables, division facts and number bonds).
A website with interactive activities for the children to practise maths skills at home, independently or with an adult

Free interactive Maths resources arranged in the different maths topic categories.

A website full of maths games and activities.

A website with clear tutorials and explanations of all mathematical concepts

A lovely interactive site with advice for parents as well as games and activities to use at home.

A range of inspiring and engaging maths activities, investigations and challenges.

Maths in EYFS

Maths teaching in Reception focuses on providing children with the opportunities to develop and improve their skills in counting, understanding and using numbers, calculating simple addition and subtraction problems; and to describe shapes, spaces and measures. We approach these outcomes through stories, songs, games, imaginative play and practical activities so that children enjoy using and experimenting with numbers, including numbers up to 20. We use the outdoors as an extended classroom to ensure that children have the optimum access to number and shape.

Children have weekly Explore the Maths sessions where they hear a story and then discuss the maths involved in that story. They are invited to explain their own mathematical ideas and the whole class explore the concept. This gives the children a chance to work collaboratively and creatively as well as develop their mathematical thinking skills.

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