Health, Medicines and School Health Service

The South Gloucestershire policy does not encourage staff to administer medication to children. However each case is considered individually and staff may administer medication subject to completion of an appropriate health plan. Children who have inhalers should be able to administer their own medication, and inhalers may be kept in school in an agreed place, with the knowledge of the class teacher and Headteacher. Parents may come into school to give medicine to their children, but parents must report to the office first.

In the event of illness or accident parents will be contacted and asked to collect their children from the School Office.

The school nurse, dentist, doctor and audiometrician visit the school periodically to carry out routine hygiene, health, dental, vision and hearing inspections. If problems or complications are revealed, parents are informed and advised to seek further specialist help.


Medication in School

In light of Government legislation the following point applies “Schools should only accept prescribed medicines that are in-date, labelled and provided in the original container as dispensed by a pharmacist with full instructions”.  Please can parents check that all asthma inhalers  are all in-date & we have the prescribed statement so that we are very clear about how they are to be used. Thank you.

Request to Administer Medication Form

Healthy Schools

St Peter’s achieved the recognised National Healthy Schools Status in 2011 and the whole school community continues to work hard together to promote healthier lifestyles for our children. We take part in lots of events and initiatives, which encourage healthy and active living. We are especially proud of our regular walking buses, at which we always have a massive turnout and huge reduction in the number of cars outside of our school in the morning. Our green-fingered children even sell their ‘school-grown’ fresh produce to their parents to raise funds!