Mission Statement

“Unlocking our potential for life – long learning”

“St Peter’s is a dynamic school where children are nurtured, valued and challenged to reach their full potential in a caring, stimulating environment in which Christian values underpin all our expectations.”


St Peter’s is a place:

  • Where everyone is encouraged to develop their full academic, social, emotional, physical and creative potential
  • Which is a central part of the community where Christian values are embraced
  • Where everyone is respected, supported, valued and the environment treasured
  • Where everyone feels happy safe and secure
  • That is a harmonious and stimulating and where learning is fun
  • Aims: St Peter’s aims that all children:
    • Develop as well rounded individuals and encouraged to respect Christian values and the environment
    • See learning as fun and are motivated to reach their full potential in a happy secure environment
    • Are encouraged to participate in all areas of school life with confidence and enjoyment
    • Are responsible for their actions and know the rewards and consequences
    • Will learn the benefits of a healthy life style
    • Are encouraged to view learning as a lifelong challenge


St Peter’s Provides:

  • An environment where Christian values are promoted
  • Appropriately challenging, high quality teaching and learning experiences
  • A safe, secure and harmonious environment
  • A place in which everyone’s views are respected and opinions are aired and valued
  • Opportunity for parents, staff and the community to work together for the benefit of the children
  • A Positive, calm and creative learning environment where everyone will feel valued and supported

We will do this by:

  • Having good, dedicated teachers
  • Working in partnership with parents
  • Having high expectation
  • Working with the community
  • Having clear guidelines
  • Inclusion and involvement