Our goal for each one of our pupils is for them to be curious & knowledgeable learners, analytical thinkers, problem-solvers who are creative and independent. We aim to achieve this through carefully chosen themes, texts and authentic enrichment experiences which engage the children and provide plenty of opportunities for them to revisit and build on their prior learning.

Put simply, our ‘Curious Curriculum’ takes our pupils on a true learning journey, from the time they begin in Reception to the day they depart for secondary education.

By regularly reflecting on their knowledge, the children become more aware of where they are in their leaning and of what they need to do to improve. We challenge them and help them to progress across the curriculum through creating a climate where they are as prepared to fail as to succeed and be proud of their and other successes.

The Curious Curriculum mainly focuses on the humanities (History & Geography) and Science; children of all ages also have the opportunity to create ‘Polished Products’ through a range of exciting and practical Art & DT projects.

English skills are taught separately through core reading and writing units of work, but these are still linked to the wider curriculum through the texts chosen; opportunities to read and write are also planned for within other subject areas.

Maths skills are also taught separately but opportunities to re visit and practice key skills are built into the long-term planning of the wider curriculum.    

RE, PE, PSHE, ICT are also timetabled individually, but some aspects of these subjects may be covered through another curriculum area being studied.

To find out more information regarding our curriculum at St Peter’s, please take a look at our Teaching & Learning Overview document.