At St Peter’s we believe that learning does not have to take place solely within the classroom. Every child should experience the world outside the classroom as it is a vital part of learning and personal development. That is why we are making Outdoor Learning one of our priorities at St Peter’s. We are extremely fortunate to be set in large grounds and surrounded by an environment rich in opportunities which we are currently developing- including a new pond area and outdoor classroom! Each class has an allotment which they are solely responsible for. With hand on learning and the help from various members of the community, including gardeners, parents and businesses we have the chance to create memorable learning experiences remembered for a lifetime.

Class 4 enjoying having a wand ‘choose them’ as well as learning some spells.

Ant Theme Parks

Year 5 have made some outstanding Ant Theme Parks! I wonder how much a ticket will cost…

Ground Force

Another huge thank you to all of the families and members of the community who have been involved in our ‘Ground Force’ events. Our school grounds are looking amazing and wee have spotted a lot of wildlife and minibeasts! Thank you

RSPB Schools Outreach Project

Each class had an Outdoor Learning session taught by the RSPB Schools Outreach Projects (sponsored by Aldi). Have a look at what we got up to!