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Young Leadership

School Parliament


School Parliament elections will take place early in Term 1. All KS2 children will be able to vote for 2 MPs for their class. KS1 children will be able to vote for 2 children from Year 2 to represent the whole key stage.

The two Y6 MPs will be able to stand for President and Vice President of the Parliament and lead the meetings together.

Our School MPs are:

KS1: Bella and Sophie

Year 3: Dylan and Phoebe

Year 4: Josh and Ava

Year 5: Cassia and Charlie

Year 6: Macie and Olly.

Congratulations to both Olly and Macie, who were voted in as Co-Presidents.

Parliament will be responsible for 3 areas: Department for LearningDepartment for Safety and Department for the School Vision and Ethos.

Meeting will be held every fortnight.

Other Pupil Leadership

Ministry for Sport

House Captains from Year 6 form the Ministry for Sport. They will be responsible for Health & Play and Sports Activities.


        Lily and Henry                Oliver and Talia                Liam and Indie                  Daisy and Amelie

              Typhoon                         Hurricane                          Spitfire                          Meteor

School Synod

Children from Y2 up to Y6 will be able to stand for School Synod.

Synod will be responsible for Whole School Worship once per term, Class Worship and Christian Values.

Eco Warriors (Department for the Environment)


Eco-Warriors is a club run by Mrs. Cannock on a Thursday morning from 8am-8:40. The over-riding focus is to make our community a better place to learn, live and play.

Since we started in 2021, we have taken part in litter-picking (both at school and in our local community), aided recycling around the school and reducing electricity usage to aid both cost and consumption.

We collect crisp-bags from the lunch hall to recycle and find ways to re-use what would otherwise be thrown away.

This year, our focus is the outside area. We are currently creating a safe-climb assessment of our trees and will share the findings in a school assembly. Our school pond area is our other main area for development, encouraging wildlife, keeping it tidy and encouraging others to use it in their lessons.

There are spaces available by emailing the school office.