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Child protection

At St Peter’s we have a duty of care to all children and take Child Protection very seriously. All our staff have received Child Protection training and we have designated Child Protection Officers. If you have any concerns about a child, please speak to the designated staff, or the Headteacher in their absence. However, any member of staff will be happy to speak to you. We would encourage you to report any concerns you may have, even if they seem trivial. The well-being of our children is at the centre of everything we do.

Each school has a Welfare Officer who can advise on free school meal regulations. They can also put parents in touch with other support agencies. Please do not hesitate to contact school (01454 631137) if you wish to discuss your situation. All such requests are treated with the utmost confidentiality.

School Security

The school is protected by an intruder alarm system, which is linked to a control centre and the Police. Coded security locks are on external doors and during the day, visitors to the school should inform the office staff of their arrival. Anyone collecting a child during the day for any reason should notify office staff of their presence and intentions. All staff are alert to the need to report any person or occurrence, which may pose a danger to the children.

Severnside Siren Sounding

An inter school policy has been developed by the Headteachers and Governors for the local primary schools concerning the sounding of the Severnside siren. In the event of the siren sounding, all children will be kept at school with all windows and doors closed until the all clear is heard, or until alternative arrangements are made for evacuation. Parents and carers should not phone the school but should stay at home and turn on the local radio for information.

The Siren is tested on the 3rd of each month at 3pm and is operated by Avon & Somerset Police.


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