School newsletters are produced and distributed to parents to keep them informed of events. Class newsletters give information about the term’s topic, homework, planned trips and information relevant to that class. These are also available to view on the school website. Governors’ newsletters are produced termly. Additionally, St Peter’s have a text messaging service by way of communicating events/news to parents.

Children of all ages are encouraged to read and have a reading record, filled in by staff, parents and/or children. The most recent OFSTED report is available on this website.

Home school communication can be via email on request. We also have a Governor’s email address you can contact the Governors on, this is monitored by the Chair of Governors.

As well as the prospectus, parents are entitled to certain information held in the school. You are entitled to copies as long as this does not contravene copyright and you are prepared to meet copying costs. The information you have a right to see is:

  • Your Childs profile
  • The LA complaints procedure
  • Any published OFSTED report on the school
  • Schemes of work used by the teacher
  • Details of admission and transfer
  • All school policies
  • Governor’s ratified minutes
  • Any statutory Instrument, order, Circular or Administrative memoranda relating to the powers and duties sent to the school by the Department for Education that concern the curriculum
  • Any LA or Governing Body’s statement of curriculums aims and policy statements

All school policies are available from the school office. We can email a pdf to your email address or at a small nominal charge you can receive a paper copy.