Transport to school

Most children walk to school or come by car. As a school we do encourage walking to school, but we do have pupils at a distance where this is impossible. Parking is not allowed on school grounds but parents can drop off and pick children up.

Buses do bring children to school from the out lying village, Severn Beach, Easter Compton and Hallen. If you require further information, bus times, how to apply please contact the school Office.


Travel plan

DOWNLOAD: St Peters – Traffic Management Plan – July 2014

St Peter’s has developed a Travel Plan to support our aim of sustainable travel to and from school. The school believes that walking or cycling to school confers a number of benefits on children: they get exercise and fresh air, which help them, concentrate better in class. The walk/cycle to or from school represents free time, when children can enjoy a measure of independence while chatting and developing friendships outside the classroom environment.

It is a fact that a majority of children prefer to walk, cycle or bus to school for these reasons. An associated benefit is a reduction in the amount of traffic congestion outside the school during morning and afternoon drop off times. We regularly hold walk to school days which will be in the school newsletters.

The travel plan has set targets to increase the proportion of children walking to school from 29% in 2008 to 45% by 2013. Cycling is planned to increase from 2% to 17% and we hope to reduce car use from 60% to 30% over the same period. Please note that for safety reasons cycling to school is permitted only for children who have undertaken cycling proficiency training.