All children have equal access to wearing school uniform regardless of their culture, race, religion, gender, disability or ability. We ensure that the set uniform respects other policies such as race relations, sex discrimination and accommodates individual sets of circumstances of all groups and individuals.


Skirt/pinafore (knee length) or trousers in black or grey
White blouse/polo shirt
School sweatshirt/cardigan 
Low heeled black shoes
Low sandals worn with socks
Sun cap
Green and white checked or striped Summer dress (optional)

Please note:
No trainers or flip-flops to be worn
No make up should be worn or nail varnish.

PE Kit:
White T-Shirt no buttons
Black or navy shorts
Black tracksuit bottoms – (no logos) (for outside games session in the winter)
Black daps or trainers


Trousers or shorts in black or grey
White shirt/ polo shirt
School sweatshirt 
Black Shoes 
Sun cap

Please note:
No trainers or flip-flops to be worn
No make up should be worn or nail varnish.

PE Kit:
Black or navy shorts
Black tracksuit bottoms – (no logos) for outside games session in the winter)


Boys will need trunks or shorts, not to be lower than the knee.
Girls will need a one-piece costume. Children with long hair are required to wear a swimming hat or to tie their hair back.

Uniform Supplier

Uniform can be ordered from the school.

Please download the Uniform Order Form – Jan 2017 here.


Jewellery, Games and Toys

Children are encouraged to dress appropriately for school and avoid extremes of fashion, especially footwear that can be dangerous and/or impractical at school!

A single pair of stud earrings and watches are the only jewellery permitted, they will be asked to remove them at PE, (unless the ears have just been pierced, in which case they are asked to cover them with micro-pore tape until healed).

Bringing toys into school is discouraged as they can get lost or damaged. Any toys or games that are brought into school are the responsibility of the owner and should be named. Playground toys, (balls, skipping ropes etc) are accepted on the condition that they are used appropriately and according to playground rules. Children are not permitted to have mobile phones in school as children and parents can use the school telephone to leave messages.


PE clothes must not be shared with other children. Those with pierced ear/s should be able to take their earrings out or cover them with micropore plaster during PE and games sessions. All jewellery should be removed for PE, games and swimming lessons.

School bag

Children will also need a small bag in which to carry items (books, lunch box etc) to and from school. All items (clothes and equipment) should be clearly named, in an effort to minimise loss and enable possessions to be returned to their owners. Please check clothing regularly to ensure that the correct name is clearly visible. Book bags, caps and sweatshirts are available to order from the office.
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