Class 5 visit @Bristol

Class 5 enjoyed their trip to @Bristol science museum. Their behaviour and enthusiastic attitude was a credit to the school.

Black History Month

Vernon Samuels, Olympic triple jumper from Seoul 1988, worked with all classes to celebrate Black history Month this October. He discussed the values of determination, equality and friendship. He also spoke worked on inspiring the children to become the ‘best versions of themselves’.


YEAR 5 trip the the Hippodrome


On Tuesday 24th May Class 5 and 6 visited Berkeley Castle.  The main purpose of the trip was to release the elvers (baby eels) that they had been responsible for during the past month into the Little River Avon.  The children also took part in activities, such as, nature walks and bug hunts in order to further develop their understanding of habitats, life-cycles and food chains.  As expected, the children behaved very well and were very enthusiastic during the day.  Mr Allen

‘A Ruff Guide to Shakespeare’

Year 5 & 6 went on to the Armstrong Hall in Thornbury to watch ‘A Ruff Guide to Shakespeare’ by the Bristol Old Vic Theatre students.

Class 4 Trip to Egyptian Gallery and Workshop


On Thursday 10th September Class 6 attended ‘Lifeskills’ training at the CREATE Centre in Bristol. They were taught about how to react in a range of emergency situations, including when and how to call the emergency services, and how to use DRAB (danger, response, airway, and breathing) to help an injured person. These skills may well be required at some point in the future and the children now have an even better idea of how to look after themselves and others. The staff at the centre commented on the excellent, enthusiastic behaviour of the children, as well as their ability to understand all the information. Well done class 6.

Some of our Visits and Visitors from 2014 – 2015

Rolls Royce Workshops

YEAR 4 WORKSHOP WITH ROLLS-ROYCE! When Rolls-Royce came in they taught us all about force and energy and how they work. It was so fun doing it that we didn’t realise how much science we actually did! We did lots of fun things, we would rate it 10 out of 10. We had a great morning and would love to do it again. By Hannah and Andrew

YEAR 6 WORKSHOP WITH ROLLS-ROYCE! Class 6 took part in various team building and engineering challenges, delivered by apprentices from Rolls-Royce. The children worked fantastically well as teams to complete various challenges, including: launching water bottle rockets; building balloon powered cars; and engineering a track to send a table tennis ball the furthest distance possible. The apprentices remarked on the superb behaviour of the children, the intelligent questions they asked and brilliant problem-solving strategies they employed. Well done class 6, and thanks to the Rolls- Royce apprentices. Mr Allen

Poetry at St Georges

Year 4 Museum Trip – Egyptian Department

Special Assemblies