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From January 2022, we are using Essential Letters and Sounds as our phonics programme. This is a new programme which has been validated by the Department For Education. The children have daily lessons, where they learn 4 new sounds a week and are given a reading book to take home that matches their phonetical knowledge.

Each lesson follows this system:

1. Review-Previous sounds

2. Teach-A new sound

3. Practise- This new sound

4. Apply-This new knowledge

5. Review-Today’s sound and others


At St Peter’s we value reading. We have a well-stocked library, a range of decodable books,

Book corners and within each class, children are read a range of quality books (both fiction and non-fiction) for their English and topic lessons.

During the school week, children are given the opportunity to access reading in a variety of ways:

Guided reading, 1-1 reading, reading aloud in lessons and reading their own choice of book.


It is our aim that children leave our school as enthusiastic and confident writers. We encourage this through using engaging stories and teaching grammar skills throughout our lessons. Our teaching is structured so the children know their learning objective for the day and are supported in achieving this. We set high standards of handwriting, with joined up writing beginning in Year 1 in phonic lessons.

Oracy at St Peter’s

At St Peter’s we teach children to read, write, listen and communicate. It is our goal to help produce enthusiastic and clear communicators. This year we have been working on a conversation contract within our classes to model language and response.

We also have made sure our children are ready to learn by using a ‘Give Me 5!’ system. Using our whole body to access our lessons by being physically as well as mentally ready.