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Wednesday 20.09.23

Another settled and happy evening last night, the children are doing so well. A new favourite part of my job is waking up their cute, sleepy heads in the morning! Off we went to breakfast where the children enjoyed some hash browns and sausages. 

Our activities this morning were archery and buggy building. The archery was fantastic, and we even had a few children achieve a bullseye! They then played a game where they had to aim for different parts of the target to achieve different elements of a 'holiday'. In buggy building they had to work together as a team to build their buggy using different knots and ties. They then took it in turns to drive and ride the buggy. 

This afternoon, the weather really took a turn for the worse. However, I was so proud of how the children persevered and kept going! We took part in problem-solving, deciphering riddles/puzzles and again working together as a team. After that, we took shelter from the weather and the children had some downtime in their rooms drawing, playing cards/dobble and even making up some puppet shows. 

Off we then went to dinner, we were surprised by the Jam doughnuts for pudding and had lots of jammy sugary smiles. After this, we played some really fun games (that we'll definitely be playing at school) and took part in some singing and dancing. 

Off to bed now, more hot chocolates with an added marshmallow tonight. Fingers crossed for better weather tomorrow. I'm so proud of our class. The behaviour has been impeccable, manners 10/10 and their kindness to one another is so lovely to see. 

Mrs G x